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True Independence Starts Here

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About ORG Partners Advisor Group

One Resource Group (ORG) is a Brokerage General Agent (BGA) operating in the wholesale insurance and financial services industry. Since its inception in July of 2002, ORG has become an industry leader by bringing insurance companies and advisors together.


Designed to be a one-stop shop for the financial service professional, ORG’s business model has evolved even further to encompass a wider range of investment support services for industry providers.

Fostering a culture of true independence, ORG Partners Advisor Group partners with advisors who seek to provide customized investment solutions to their clients while maximizing their growth potential in the long term. 

ORG PAG's team of highly skilled and motivated partners is dedicated to providing industry professionals with the tools and support they need to provide the highest level of client service.   

Let us Help You Grow  

Your Business On Your Terms

Advisor Support Services

Our team will help you streamline the transition process and move your clients’ accounts onto the investment platform with the care and precision you deserve. See below for more tasks and relevant timelines.


  • Provide assistance with experienced consultants who manage the conversion process from start to finish
  • Offer customized solutions for your firm by understanding your unique business requirements
  • Supply you with signature-ready client forms
  • Perform asset acceptability reviews 
  • Track and oversee the transfer and account opening process
  • Conduct training and tours for your staff at your request
  • Keep you informed every step of the way through regular communication 

Interested in the growing your business? The time and money spent on lead generation can often be an exhausting effort, ultimately resulting in low-quality opportunities and wasted capital. We can provide solutions for both organic and inorganic growth strategies that are targeted to the needs of you and your team.

Organic Growth

  • Client Advocate Program

  • Lead Generation 
    • Client leads assigned by area code & state territories
    • Streamline client onboarding process
    • Seamless account transitions and new client support
  • Business Valuations


  • Branding Support
    • Website Development
    • Logo Design & Brand Kit formation
  • Content white labeling, Digital marketing, SEO, and Social Media Set-up

  • Seminars and Book Creation 


Succession & Contingency Planning

A Dynamic Partnership Model  

Built to foster a culture of true independence.


As the financial services industry continues to evolve, advisors face numerous challenges in trying to grow their practice, such as shrinking margins, higher costs, rapid consolidation, and technological development. The broker dealer model that once dominated the financial services industry is outdated and can no longer sustain these and other challenges seen by the advisor.

Advisors need a single source of support that they can trust to effectively and efficiently provide top of the line investment, insurance, planning, and technological support to sustain the needs of their clientele. That is where we come in.



ORG PAG’s culture is built on responsibility, respect and going the extra mile. Adherence to the fiduciary standard and complete client transparency are paramount to the way we do business. You can expect nothing short of dedication to these ideals from each and everyone of our team members. 

Adaptable Partnership Network

We have curated a partnership network with industry leaders that enables you to outsource the time-consuming, non-essential needs of your business. Aligning with ORG PAG will provide your firm with scale and maximum efficiency. 

No One Size Fits All Solution

We understand that every advisor’s needs are different, andmay vary over time. We utilize a collaborative partnership model that can be tailored to the specific needs of you and your business, giving you back the time you need to focus on what is most important: your clients. 


Comprehensive Approach to Client Care

These days, clients need more than an agent or life planner, they need a comprehensive wealth manager. ORG PAG’s service offering encompasses all areas of financial service to help you achieve complete client satisfaction.

ORG Partners advisor group

Get in Touch Today

Whether you are an independent advisor looking for additional support or a direct agent seeking additional ways to grow your business, we have a partnership model that is right for you. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how ORG Partners Advisor Group can help you achieve true independence.